Sunday, 18 January 2009

My preliminary web-based lesson plan

This is the start for your web-lesson: a preliminary plan. Write a post telling us about:
  1. Topic you will like to develop in your lesson
  2. Class type (Audience)
  3. General objective
  4. Specific objectives
  5. Time
This preliminary plan is subject to changes. We will continue working on this plan in week 3.


  1. # Topic you will like to develop in your lesson: countable and uncountable food items
    # Class type: basic level, teens/adult students
    # General objective: that the students learn about countable and uncountable nouns.
    # Specific objectives: that the students be able to produce a semi guided dialogue about food
    # Time: 1 hour


  2. Topic: Writing a travel webpage
    Class Type: A2 grade 5 students
    General objective:that the students can use their writing skills to develop a page for their class wikipage
    Specific objectives : that the students be able to write a travelwebpage about a city they have visited including the required information.
    Time: 2 lesson hours

  3. Topic you will like to develop in your lesson: body systems (science, vocabulary)
    Class type (Audience) 3rd grade ESL students of varying levels
    General objective: students will learn about the different body systems
    Specific objectives: students will be able to pass their unit test with an 85% or better
    Time: 6 lesson hours

  4. # Topic I would like to develop in my lesson
    Writing CV's for jobs in UK or USA
    # Class type (Audience)
    University Students (BA or MA)
    # General objective
    To prepare them to apply for a job
    # Specific objectives
    To get them to realise the differences between an English and a German CV
    # Time
    4 teaching hours

  5. 1. Topic you will like to develop in your lesson - household chores
    2. Class type (Audience) -17-year-olds, 1st year university students
    3. General objective –to learn and practice new vocabulary on the topic, to master listening, reading and speaking skills
    4. Specific objectives –a) to practice listening for details + notetaking, b) to practice reading for a gist, c) to practice monologue – sharing experiences d) to learn and practice new vocabulary in making sentences about themselves on the topic)
    5. Time 2 periods of 45 minutes (2 teaching hours)

  6. # Topic: Conspiracy Theories
    # Class type: Intermediate high school students
    # General objective: Reading, critical tnking
    # Specific objectives: evaluating plausibility of certain conspiracy theories, using modals to express possibility, using passive voice to show focus on the theories, remaining impersonal.
    # Time: 2 weeks


  7. Topic: Irregular French Verbs with être
    Class Type: Middle school students
    General Objective: Students will learn about the irregular verbs in the past tense and memorize the pattern and list of verbs.
    Specific objective: To be able to use these verbs in written sentences and oral communication
    Time: 3 class periods (one week)

  8. 1. TOPIC: Dinosaurs
    2. CLASS TYPE: EFL young learners- 10 years old
    • To describe dinosaurs: their physical appearance, customs, habitats.
    • To talk about the past
    4. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: Students will write a class dinosaur book
    5. TIME: 4 teaching periods

  9. • Topic you will like to develop in your lesson: Sports in Patagonia, Argentina

    • Class type (Audience): Intermediate Level –
    Young adults

    • General objective: To design a brochure to
    promote sports people play in Patagonia.

    • Specific objectives: To enlarge learners’
    vocabulary about resorts and sports.
    To develop learners’reading
    and writing skills.
    • Time: 3 teaching hours

  10. TOPIC: Writing an essay - Vocabulary
    CLASS TYPE: Intermediate / Upper Intermediate - Adults
    GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Developing Writing skills / Speaking skills
    SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: To improve vocabulary range in writing products; To produce an essay
    TIME: 3 teaching hours

  11. Topic: Daily life in Francophone countries- Shopping at specialty stores

    Class type: Novice-high to Intermediate (Levels II or III)

    General objective- Developing authentic vocabulary

    Specific objectives- Creating a personal vocabulary list for shopping for goods/services; creating visual stimulus for shopping role play; analyzing shopping websites; comparing Francophone and American shopping cultures

    Time- One class period for the online shopping and analysis; one class period for the role play and writing experience

  12. Topic: Winter Clothes
    Class type: Basic Students
    General objective: Developing reading skills/ learning new vocabulary
    Specific objectives:- learning new vocabulary related to winter clothes;
    -making shopping lists;
    -eliciting colours and prices
    Time - one class
    Isabel Teixeira

  13. Topic: Writing a process essay
    Class Type: Young Adults
    General objective:Students should describe a process of how something is done
    Specific objectives : To write a 'how to' essay using relevant laguage, materials, steps, procedures ...etc
    Time: 90 minutes

  14. Topic: Appearence
    Class type: Basic high school students.
    General objective: Describing physical
    Specific objectives:Using descriptive adjectives , to be and have got to describe physical appearence. Recycling parts of the body.
    Time: Two classes (80 and 40 mins each).

  15. Topic: Fears
    Audience: 15-16 year old students
    General objective: talk about fears-advise people with fears-
    Specific objectives: teach vocabulary related to fears,work with problem-solving situation,
    ask for and give advice
    Time: 45-50'

  16. Topic: Getting to know The Periodic Table of elements
    Audience: Sixth Graders
    General Objective: to describe the periodic table of elements (sections and groups/symbols/numbers)
    Specific Objectives: to research about who created the periodic table of elements
    to describe the uses of the periodic table of elements
    Time: 2 hours

    (NOTE: I am not a science teacher...but my students receive Science in English I am assigned to teaching it any science mistakes I make, I apologize)

    Costa Rica

  17. Larissa Gorokhova8 February 2009 at 04:20

    1. Topic you will like to develop in your lesson
    The causes and effects of the global economic crisis
    2. Class type (Audience)
    Adults (University students)
    3. General objective
    The students are to be able to translate texts on the global economic crisis
    4. Specific objectives

    By the end of the lesson a student should
    a) be able to use the new vocabulary while discussing the global economic crisis
    b) be able to translate analytical articles on this topic
    c) clearly understand the causes and possible effects of the crisis
    5. Time
    90 min. (+ home assignment)

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