Thursday, 22 January 2009

My e-peer's web-based lesson plan

Here you will evaluate one of your e-peer's web-based lesson plan for his/her blog. Use the follwing questions to help you:

  1. Are all the aspects considered in the lesson plan?
  2. Is the procedure clearly described (Pre-tasks/tasks/post-tasks)?
  3. Are the websites related to the lesson topic?
  4. Any other comment:
  5. You will start designing your web-based lessons in week 4.

Note: Say the name of your e-peer and the topic chose for his/her lesson.


  1. I've chosen Dora's web-based lesson plan about countables/uncountables for evaluation.
    1. All the aspects, listed in the task, are considered
    2. The procedure is clear and coherent, I can clearly envisage Dora teaching this lesson going through all these stages:)
    3. The web-sites are realted to the topic, though some of them seem a bit too complicated for beginners - Uncooked Food and Bread. However I liked Dora's site on vocabulary, with pics and online exercises - I bookmarked it for further use, so thanks a lot, Dora!
    4. As I've alredy said, I liked this lesson plan a lot. Interesting font for headings -look like Greek - what is it, I wonder?

  2. I chose "Life's Little Chores" to evaluate. Unfortunately, I could not find the author's name on the lesson plan.
    1.All of the aspects listed are considered.
    2.The procedure is easy to follow and includes pre-task, task, post-task.
    3.The websites are interesting and engaging and the only thing I would consider is making tiny url's. If the link is active, however, is is inconsequential.
    4. I would definitely use this lesson plan with ESL students and recommend it to others.

  3. I selected Revathi Viswanathan’s web based lesson plan. The topic of the lesson is
    “Appropriate Technology and its Effect on Modern life.”
    1) All the aspects are consifered in the lesson plan
    2) The procedure is clearly described
    3) The websites are related to the lesson topic.
    4) I found the topic interesting. I usually work with young EFL learners and I don’t have the chance of working with tertiary level students from technical courses. It reminds me of previous experiences I had when I was working in a technical school and I taught circuits to my students. Teaching ESP is not an easy task.

    Ma. Laura Garcia (Argentina)

  4. I will evaluate María Laura’s lesson about Dinosaurs. This is a very appealing topic for 10 year olds. It is also very appropriate to fulfil the lesson objectives.
    The plan includes the necessary information about the class, objectives, sites, etc. and considers all the aspects required to develop a comprehensive lesson.

    The websites are wonderful though challenging for the level; anyway, if learners have only to skim the texts, they will easily find the data they need. Illustrations are great and the material enables learners to work on their own and beyond the lesson.

    But, when does the speaking take place? Maybe, when they compare the dinos? I would include a bit more talking (guided probably) for them to feel more confident for the final oral presentation.

    The games and song are absolutely remarkable (I also use the British Council site) but I wonder why they are in between the writing and the task display. I would have placed them before the writing because they introduce or revise very useful information.

    I found the plan presentation impressive, with those cute images! I’d love to know how to do it. I enjoyed a lot reading María Laura’s lesson plan.

  5. I chose Maria Laura Garcia’s lesson about DINOSAURS

    1. Are all the aspects considered in the lesson plan?


    2. Is the procedure clearly described (Pre-tasks/tasks/post-tasks)?


    3. Are the websites related to the lesson topic?

    Yes, though they seem a little too difficult.
    If this is the case, the post tasks related to vocabulary could be moved to pre-tasks to better prepare students for the task.

    4. Any other comment:

    When she says:
    They will read about the GIGANOTOSAURUS in order to complete a given paragraph.
    Students will compare and contrast the TYRANNOSAURUS and the GIGANOTOSAURUS using some given words. If they need to check more information, they can resort to the chart also published in the above link.

    I think the paragraphs and words should be shown/ listed.

    I really liked the plan and the graphics!!!

  6. I will evaluate the conspiracy theory lesson plan by Vicky Saumell.
    Are all the aspects considered in the lesson plan? Yes...
    Is the procedure clearly described (Pre-tasks/tasks/post-tasks)?Yes.
    Are the websites related to the lesson topic?
    Yes. I loved the websites, your teens will go wild speaking about the info found on them.
    Any other comment:
    The duration of the sessions are not mentioned. maybe eight weeks of the same topic with teens might be too much.

  7. Larissa Gorokhova8 February 2009 at 09:14

    1. Are all the aspects considered in the lesson plan?
    2. Is the procedure clearly described (Pre-tasks/tasks/post-tasks)?
    Yes in general, though Donna doesn’t specify whether the students are to do these tasks in pairs, groups or individually.
    3. Are the websites related to the lesson topic?
    Almost all sites are search sources for the students to browse for images and facts about France.
    4. Any other comment:
    Maybe some more specific sites related to traveling through France, its cities and sights could be added to the list, as Donna’s students are rather young and may get confused in the sea of information. And what language should the students use searching for information: English or French? I got very interested in Donna’s idea, and while browsing the Internet for travel sites came across a few nice ones like (The last two are in French).
    Unfortunately I failed to reach Donna’s site as my browser keeps writing there’s a mistake in the address :(

  8. Larissa Gorokhova8 February 2009 at 09:17

    I'm sorry, I forgot to tell whose lesson plan I was going to comment on.
    I’ve chosen Donna Peacher-Hall’s lesson plan on travelling through France. I admire this beautiful country and hope I'll have a chance to visit it one day:-)