Saturday, 31 January 2009


In our sessions we suggest the use of e-portfolios to keep track of the activities your students do in their blogs. Also, e-portfolios can be used to make them reflect on their very own learning after working on each lesson.
Now after reading this article on e-portfolios, write a post on your thoughts about e-portfolios in language learning. These questions may help you write your post:

  • Do you think an e-portfolio could have any “value added” to your web-based lesson?
  • What are the advantages? Any disadvantage?

Thursday, 22 January 2009

My e-peer's web-based lesson plan

Here you will evaluate one of your e-peer's web-based lesson plan for his/her blog. Use the follwing questions to help you:

  1. Are all the aspects considered in the lesson plan?
  2. Is the procedure clearly described (Pre-tasks/tasks/post-tasks)?
  3. Are the websites related to the lesson topic?
  4. Any other comment:
  5. You will start designing your web-based lessons in week 4.

Note: Say the name of your e-peer and the topic chose for his/her lesson.

My Task-Based lesson sample

Choose one (or more) of the following-task based tasks: Listing and/or brainstorming, Ordering and sorting, Matching, Comparing: finding similarities and differences, Problem solving, Sharing personal experiences and story telling.

Now write your task-based activity for the topic you chose in week 2 for your pre-planning. Follow the examples in the readings suggested for any of these tasks.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

My preliminary web-based lesson plan

This is the start for your web-lesson: a preliminary plan. Write a post telling us about:
  1. Topic you will like to develop in your lesson
  2. Class type (Audience)
  3. General objective
  4. Specific objectives
  5. Time
This preliminary plan is subject to changes. We will continue working on this plan in week 3.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

What is a web-based lesson?

Here's the place to understand what a web-based lesson can be. Based on the quiz and the definition you read about it write your comments, doubts or questions in "Comments".

Evaluating Internet sites

Here's the place to:

1. Write about the aspects you would use to evaluate Internet sites.

2. Is this step important before you start designing a web-based lesson? Why?

My search skill approach

Here’s the place to share with us:

1. Three links you find interesting to share with us (Here’s how you can add links you your posts)

2. Which search approach did you use? Why? Did you use a different one?

Just click on "Comments" to share!