Sunday, 15 February 2009

Reflections on Bblep09

Here you will reflect on the whole bblep09 session. Think of:

  • your own learning process
  • the resources used to help you become familiar with Blog-based lessons and e-portfolios;
  • the organization of the session
  • Your tutors' work
  • what you would like to see in this session if it is offered in EVO again;
  • any other comment

Teadira Pérez
Evelyn Izquierdo
Miguel Mendoza


  1. I have taken many seminars but have never walked away with so much practical knowledge and been able to use the lesson plan immediately and with great success. My students are thrilled with the new blog-based lesson site. The session was well-organized and the moderators were helpful, knowledgeable and kind. The tasks for the six weeks course built on each other and it helped me to be able to take the project in small steps. I have been introduced to many new sites on the internet that will be beneficial to my students. Thank you again for an excellent effort and a worthwhile experience.

    Donna Peacher-Hall
    Pasadena, CA

  2. betancourt_lourdes@yahoo.com16 February 2009 at 11:02

    About my own learning process;
    During the First week I felt overwhelmed with all the information. I had to follow instructions and watch tutorials more than once. It was also difficult to read "on the screen' .

    I still have several tasks pending but it is good to know that the information is going to be accessible even when the course is over.

    The resources are excellent

    Evelyn, Miguel and Teadira you made an excellent job,

    Congratulations and Thank you.

    Lourdes Betancourt
    Caracas, Venezuela

  3. Because of this BBLEP workshop, I have learned AND started to use the great technologies including
    -Yahoo groups to work with teachers.
    -Skype (gonna order a wireless headset ) )
    -Blogs as a teaching tool
    In addition, I was introduced to new ways of teaching and delivering lessons, introduced to a host of new web sites (I LOVE -every kid should have access to this)
    participated in some around the world discussions for the first time in my life.
    "Met" some wonderful people who someday I would like to meet in person if the stars line up.
    Thank you very much Miguel, Evelyn, and Teadira for all your kindness and great teaching.

    It would be good if in the future teachers would update each other on how their BBLEP lessons have gone, what worked and what they would do differently.

    Steve K

  4. This workshop cleared my mind completely about the educational potential of blogs. Thanks to it, I was able to create a web-based lesson and an e-portfolio for my students, that is to say, the workshop was totally practical and very heplful to the teachers who want to catch up with the latest technology, like me :)))
    Moreover, due to this workshop I got aquainted with fantastic tools like WizIQ and WePapers, which I already started using - quite successfully!
    I feel especially grateful to our tutors, Miguel, Teadira and Evelyn who were always there to help you out of any trouble. You are very knowledgable, resourceful and able to explain things you are good at in simple words - real professionals! I'm very much encouraged by your example and just happy I had a chance to communicate with you. Hope to meet you in person some time:)

  5. The use of blog-based lessons will definitely represent a turning-point in my teaching. I have learned so much in this session that I have the impression that it started months ago, and, on the other hand, the ride has gone so fast that I can’t believe it’s coming to the end. It’s a mixture of feelings that has accompanied me during these unforgettable six weeks. Being the first time in an on-line session and also a newcomer in the field of CALL, I kept being overwhelmed, exhausted, lost; but, at the same time, every weak produced new excitement, challenge and satisfaction.
    Once again, I have to thank all those who made this session possible, especially Teadira, Evelyn and Miguel, for their generosity and readiness all through the process. The organization of the tasks led , invariably, to success because every instruction, tutorial or piece of advice was wise and intended to encourage autonomous work. I hope I can meet you all in some other session. I’ll miss you a lot.

    Hugs, Cristina

  6. If I had to sum up all my feelings towards this session, it would just be in two words: THANK YOU!! Thanks for all you've taught me, for opening a new world to me and my pupils, for being always there when I was in doubt. I totally agree with Cristina as regards how she felt during the past six weeks, a bit lost at hte beginning, but I'm now parting with a sense of acomplishment. I'll miss you all, too and hope we can keep in touch despite the ending of this session.
    Looking forward to meeting you next January...

    _Luján from Argentina.

  7. Dear Donna, Steve, Lourdes, Anna, Cristina and María Luján:

    Thank you very much for your kind words. We are happy to know that our session has been useful for you and you have enjoyed all steps.
    We are also proud of you. You've done a great job. Unfortunately, the session comes to the end, but we will be around during the whole year to help you if needed. Feel free to contact us any time.

    I hope to see you all in the party tomorrow at 14:00 GMT. Bring your favorite food and drinks. :-))

    A warm hug,

  8. Dear Donna, Steve, Lourdes, Anna, Cristina and María Luján:

    It has been a true gift to have found motivation and encouragement through your posts, tasks, blogs and e-portfolios.

    I hope we can keep in touch after this session.

    An e-hug,